Naturally, all sales are made on the basis of the general terms and conditions of delivery and sales of the factory with which you do business.
We can send these to you on request. Each factory has its own sales and delivery conditions which are respected by BSN.
These conditions are leading and preferable to the conditions of the customer and BSN.

Prices: All prices mentioned are net / net
Payment discount: The prices do not include payment terms. If you want a payment discount, it will have to be included in the price
Stock: subject to interim sales / stocks are shrinking on the EU market
Delivery: Ex works factory or warehouse the Netherlands unless otherwise stated
Delivery time: approximately 2 weeks if in stock, Promotion moderately larger numbers for 120 days
Supplier: See country of origin with quote sheet
Invoicing: Directly from factory from NL address / or directly from factory by foreign manufacturer
Payment: 30 days net unless otherwise agreed
Conditions: All deliveries are based on our general conditions
Service: The factory has agreements with the service organization in the Netherlands
Brand: Villette® – Hollande, Bullock®, or HYPE® or third party brand
Battery: offer does not include disposal fee (EUR 7.50 per battery)
Complaints: these must be reported on the day of delivery
Samples: we deliver samples on sight, accompanied by an invoice. Invoice is credited after return
Warranty: see our general warranty conditions (
Warranty is guaranteed by factory. Factory has warranty and service agreements with service organization.
Batteries:  (La Joie, Le Bonheur, La Plaisir, La Chance, L’armour, Le Courage)
up-grade from 10 Ah to LG 13 Ah € 59.00
up-grade from 10 Ah to LG 17 Ah € 95.00
LCD display DP07C 5 positions € 39.00 Surcharge Purchase ex.
Delivery time: ntb.
Consumer delivery: EUR 35.00 net excluding VAT per delivery in NL (roadworthy by bicycle repair shop EUR 79.00 Euro net ex)

Delivery costs per bicycle retail per delivery address, if stock in the Netherlands

1 bicycle € 20.00
2 bicycles € 30.00
3 bicycles € 45.00
4 bicycles € 55.00
5 bicycles € 60.00
6 bicycles € 65.00
7 bicycles € 70.00
8 bicycles € 75.00
9 bicycles € 80.00
10 bicycles € 85.00 from 11 bicycles on request